Country Activities

A2Z Activities

The A2Z Project supports country programs to reduce micronutrient deficiencies by:

  • Implementing proven interventions
  • Extending coverage
  • Initiating innovative approaches
  • Improving program efficiency
  • Strengthening systems to ensure sustainability

The mix of interventions depends on country needs, priorities, and resources. The range of approaches includes large-scale vitamin A supplementation, implementation of a package of interventions to reduce anemia, food fortification, and improved feeding and dietary practices. The goal is to improve the health and nutrition of vulnerable populations, particularly children under two years of age, pregnant women, and women of reproductive age.

A2Z engages in a variety of activities such as advocacy for policies and resources,  strategic planning, skills-based training, assessment and strengthening of micronutrient procurement and distribution systems, development of curricula and communications materials, and monitoring and mentoring. Summaries of country programs and related reports and resources are available for Cambodia, Guinea, India: Jharkhand, India: Uttar Pradesh, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, Southern Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, the West Bank, as well as for the regional program in East, Central and Southern Africa (ECSA).

India: Jharkhand
India: Uttar Pradesh
Sierra Leone
Southern Sudan
West Bank
ECSA Region